Tycho - Epoch

I'll say it. I'm a Tycho fanboy. I don't care that there's little to no variation in style among the albums. Don't care. Because, to me, there's always a shortage of great chilled-out synth music. And Tycho's brand of it causes me to swoon. 

Epoch, while I had no idea it was coming out, I was ecstatic to see the first single pop up on Spotify. I want to say that the first single was Glider. While not too terribly dissimilar from older Tycho, it was a bit more dance-y, less daze-y, and had considerable energy to it, that I wasn't used to in a Tycho song. I was pumped for the rest of Epoch after listening to it.

The rest of the album didn't disappoint. Tracks like Horizon and Epoch added more upbeatedness and four-on-the-floor beats. I think my favorite track on the album, might be Division, with its' heavy breakbeats, souring synths and Explosions in the Sky-like reverbed guitars. 

The albums solidified, that I will continue to pay money to hear any Tycho release in the future.