New Camera Alert | Minolta X-700

Well, I certainly wasn't looking for another film camera but this one found me. This past weekend, I was digging through some old memorabilia at my mom's house - basement boxes and bins replete with school short stories, old cassette tapes with kid-hosted radio shows, and baseball cards galore. Having recently picked up my Epson V550 negative scanner, I asked my mom if she still had all the negatives for the hundreds of photos in her photo books. She said she most certainly did but couldn't recall where they were. She never did find the negatives, though she swore she would keep looking and let me know when she did. However, she did find this gem and my jaw dropped when she pulled it out of a box in her room.

She had, in her possession, a pretty pristine Minolta X-700 with a Albinar 87 TTL flash and MD 50mm F1.7 lens. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't fawned over this camera in the past. However, I didn't want to get into another lens system, as I've gotten quite cozy with the OM mount. Already, though, there's a number of things that I'm already really digging about this SLR. 

  • Blacked Out - this is my first all-black camera. All my other cameras are some mix of black and silver... except for my toy Jazz Jelly... that is legitimately "blueberry" colored.
  • Program Mode - the X-700, in Program Mode, will attempt to get the fastest shutter speed in any lighting situation. I still can't fully wrap my mind around when I would use this versus it's alternative aperture priority mode. But, nonetheless, cool to have as an option. It offers full manual, as well, which is critical, IMO.
  • The viewfinder - I have to say, the viewfinder rivals the OM1 and OM2n that I have. Everyone touts the OM cameras as having great viewfinders, and I don't disagree, but I was really impressed when I first peered through the X-700. A a great, clean focusing screen, as well. 
  • MD / MC Lenses - The amount of quality MD/MC lenses available and for very reasonable costs is exciting. I have already ordered a 45mm f2 pancake lens for $25 shipped. I have my eyes sent on a few others, as well. Of course, this ultimately means that I will have more lenses to adapt to my Olympus E-PL7, too. 

Anyone have any experience with this camera, either positive or negative? Stay tuned for my first roll!