Zine Review | "My Kind of Town" - Nick Mayo

I become familiar with Nick Mayo by stumbling across his YouTube channel one day, then realized I had been following him on Instagram for some time. Nick is a film photographer from Grand Rapids, MI who recently hosted a Chicago film meet up that I was unfortunately unable to attend. Nick also operates a film apparel site called "Two Stops" where you can find t-shirts, stickers and other cool film related stuff, including the zine in question. Here are my thoughts on Nick's Chicago-centric zine, "My Kind of Town".

1. It’s so Chicago, and I love it - As a native Chicagoan (okay, I’m from the suburbs, but still) I have a love for the city. I don’t experience the city enough quite frankly. However, Nick has done a great job of capturing what a panning shot of the city or a landscape will never capture. The architecture shots are not the typical, but feel like the kinds of things one sees when they’re out in the heart of the city, along a daily route, or morning jog. Not to say they’re ordinary… no, they resonated with because I very often take for granted the amazing buildings and angles while just moving from point A to B. Nick seems to have taken notice where most don’t. 

2. Contrast and bleed - the photos have such a lovely, heavy contrast in them. I’m not sure what most of these were shot on, but feel like Tri-X to me. I very much enjoy where some of the photos completely bleed into the matte around the edges, in either black or white - especially in the car photo and, what I think is a photo of lower Wacker. 

3. The jazz - the opening quote mentions jazz. I think this series feel like what a dark, smoky, and gritty jazz nightclub might feel like… if it were Chicago. If the series were set to music, I think jazz would be fitting - heavy on the sax and sizzle.

Pick up Nick's zine here.