Ryan Adams Live at Das Haus on 2006-10-17

Been listening to a lot of Ryan Adams lately. Almost as much I’ve been perusing archive.org’s Live Music Archive for older jam band shows that I went to when I was younger. Also, been trying to obtain some of those classic Grateful Dead shows, as well.

The other night, I was perusing archive.org when I noticed that Ryan Adams & The Cardinals had quite a few available shows. However, this 2006 show from Germany had the most reviews and praise. I gave it a quick preview and realized there was a reason for all the attention paid.

At first listen, I noticed the quality of the recording more than anything. It sounded like a well-mixed live recording commercially released. The sound and tone of this recording are incredibly warm and clear. The vocals sound immaculate.

The second thing I noticed, probably because I’ve been listening to so much Grateful Dead, is that much of this concert reminded me of Jerry Garcia’s guitar playing on some of his solo efforts. I think, not so coincidentally, they cover the Jerry Garcia tune, Bird Song.

I’m very much still discovering Ryan Adam’s music and I have much to learn, but I’m glad to have found such a great live recording of his. It will certainly be in rotation for some time to come.